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Accetto Chudi


by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga

As the time went by the world became to welcome petty employees all around me. Most of the chatting about the last TV shows wired the previous evening. Others just striving for a cup of coffee, their breakfast, Italians are so proud of. I was quite annoyed of their presence, although most of them never harmed me. Sometimes I could consider myself quite lucky. Really few bothered me because I didn't care about them. Yet, those were really disturbing, as much as an horror show on Friday nights.

In front of me, minor characters were performing a quite peculiar Inszenierung. I wondered if it weren't the DEFA to have hired the artists. Two boys with lather jacket, a white t-shirt and jeans were arguing among themselves. They started quite gently, leise would be the more proper German adjective, I didn't either notice about their discussion. Suddenly I began to understand "social", "social class". It seemed the usual official speech against anyone whose earning are above the average. It wasn't. One of the technicians accused the other to come from a different social class, they won't ever be on the same level. It was the supposed inferior who was so angry. The other replied with the tones and behavior of a XIX century manual worker indeed.

I came back to my job, the one that I should have ended with the week. I spotted the red head of the biologist. She was really worried about her position, constantly hindered by the hostility of someone who could take decisions. Sometimes she felt sick. Nevertheless I never understood her career, how could she have landed among software engineers, or supposed so, if she had a good record with her research projects. She stared at her screen, as I did with mine while speculating about the future of my career, as if recognizing that her career, as well as mine, without further developments, had achieved a dead end.

An impressing stout man, seated close to her, was covering with his royal figure the view to his own browser. I sometimes dropped my sight on the work of the other's, discovering that most of the time they were looking at the time passing around them, without an effective contribution to the history of the world. There was no better way to insult the holy spark that lies in every man, than squandering the modest means of a not talented brain. I've seen him reading philosophy, from time to time, during the breaks, but never understood if he achieved a concrete goal in his no more so brief life.

The managers of the company were the most active, stepping in and out all the time, calling mates from other departments and fellows from the partners. They spent their whole life to build their own career, ending up to lead a bunch of gamblers and miserables, selling outdated products to someone who, without respect for his own age, decided to be unable to learn anything new in his own life and wanted to secure a quiet decade before the retirement confiding to the inalterableness of industrial processes consolidated at the time of the Wende.

On my behalf, I replied to a dear friend, who suggested me to take a leave a go to Berlin for a couple of days, for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. I gave a glimpse all around me and concluded that I still had to cross the Check Point Charlie. In Italy the celebration for the 40th years of the DDR were going on without disturbances.

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On the other side of Berlin Wall

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