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Accetto Chudi

Skirmishing with environmentalists

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga

Environmentalism is a science, or a religion, or both of them. As much as marxism has been for more than a century and Scientology claims to be. Adepts of environmentalisms, as well as of Scientology, are quite common and well entrenched on the side of the Isar that I have chosen for my encampments. They have however successfully managed to cross the river and infiltrate the most conservative areas, quite well scattered all around the city. Their party is not overwhelming, but its supporters are so self determined, believing of being anointed of the supreme mission to provide the planet full redemption, before anybody else could provoke a unrecoverable damage. They scarcely conceive the chance to be even indirectly involved with some of the most catastrophic choices, are supported by the politics of the liberals and still envisage a sort of absolute state under their own guidance.
In the long waiting time, since the ignorant mob makes hard to conform their lives to the green directives, they are doing their best to disseminate wih unuseful hurdles the existence of the common man. If there is scarcity of buildings and apartments, the simple guy, who does not understand the supreme sacrifice, is going to face unwanted sacrifices for the better of the primates and any other endangered species. Such a contemporary Everyman has to pay the rent of a small room with half of his monthly wage, since the greenish leaders have forbidden to dig on the fresh grass and erect new block of flats. If those scarce areas, who have survived the ecologist bane, are valuable enough to allow the construction of a high standard, if not luxurious, building, those greenish activists start by collecting signatures against the free usage of private property. It is also be understood that any apartment provided with a large bathroom, should be deemed an extraordinary extravagance under the green judgement. At least those survivors of the hippy movement discourage the usage of more than three showers a week. Probably also the combination of a regular sport activity and a civilized social life.
I have coped with several of them, during my previous life on the eastern side of the Berlin Wall, but here, in the free world, where ideas could be expressed with a reasonable openness, they have developed a much stronger attitude. They have been contrasted for years, both by the German pragmatism, both by the impelling needs of the Cold War. The Greens have been sided with the Eastern Block, at least nominally, and they had to fight hard to survive, not to reveal their red side, but to slightly and careful infiltrate the minds of men. They partially succeeded, they also changed their strategy in order to better satisfy the needs of someone who, although an idealist, still wants to see a result.
I am now entrenched behind the nuclear power, the atomic energy so widely debated. It seems like an empty discussion, just to find an argument in order to accelerate the fight and smash the enemy. They use human shields like in the Middle East. They put in front of you the bodies children, the effects of a catastrophic accident, they prospect the most terrible events all around the place where you were born, or where you live, or you are feeling attached to. If you do not surrender, their enemy is depicted as one of the most cynical creature, to be reproached as a stupid schoolboy. Described as the most greedy creature, the victim of their own hate is publicly humiliated and, deprived of the support of even the closest friends, definitely knocked out. Against such a prodigy of XXI century rhetoric, far better developed than the childish slogans of the soviet propaganda, you have just got to stand fast, ignore the criticism and wait. Sometimes they will even excuse themselves, for having resolved to far too harshes expression. It is however essential to pay attention to any move, and not to surrender to the stress. Or you will find yourself fleeing away from the same ideas that should be defended as the sole principle of freedom, enlightenment and capitalism.

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On the other side of Berlin Wall

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