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Accetto Chudi

Islamic World

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga

The exotic and fascinating aura generated by the Islamic community has not spared to influence Munich under different forms. The curvy belly dancers of the local burlesque review, Kurdish refugees, living in Germany for a whole life without having lost the attachment to Homeland, Iranian taxi drivers and engineers, sick of the idiocy of the Ayatollahs'regime. Also some Moroccan, of Berber extraction, and Bosnian émigrés, gifted with a mix of Balkanic stubbornness, a degree from American Universities and a natural amicable attitude. All of these could constitute an interesting collection of singularities.

We have just mentioned the liberals, but the portrait would not be complete without the contribution given by some members of radical Islam, distributing free copies of the Quran, offering an interpretation of the Holy Scriptures, not less biased than the introduction to the Book of Mormon provided by formally dressed and smiling blond guys from the U.S. They wear long robes, mostly white, long beards, they never forget to cover their head with a comfortable hat and appear less harmful than the Scientology psychologists or the marxist leninist preachers striving to gain some electoral gain for Die Linke.

These extreme believers, still speaking about Mohammedans and not leftist activists, subventioned by potentates of the Middle East, do not look aggressive. They are probably encouraged by the vision of the supreme truth, that make them quite sure that the harsh opposition they could encounter is the sign of their moral and intellectual superiority. Groups of women, with children, husband and brothers, free to wear the Burqa and move around the town for shopping, probably meet their hope of an Islamic Europe, but tourists from the Emirates don't openly express their gratitude and prefer to linger in the shopping malls and directly finance the temples of Western capitalism.

Few adherents are born in Europe, happy to have eventually found a framework that could contain their hatred against a world inadequate to their expectations. They are so enthusiastic to establish few clear and simple rules to determine any aspect of everyday life. The imam could provide them with directions and tasks, harsh and simple to be followed and executed. Fatwas and the dream of Paradise constitute strong enough pillars to sustain the weight of further layers of zealotry.

I have even personally met a couple of them, enjoying generous scholarships and healthcare, making a good career in local universities, where the liberal professors are afraid not to grant them Ph.D. by the fear to discriminate a supposed to be minority. They spend most of the time to outline the ignorance about the islamic world, blaming any critics against islamic radicalism. Hopefully they are also not more dangerous than a drunkard expressing some contorted idea at the end of a brilliant alcoholic night.

Actually my deep knowledge of Islam ends here, since I have never been able to go further than a circumstantial speech apt to appease any destructive tendency of a radical or to cope with repressed feelings of those who are just muslim by chance and not even compelled to quit their religion since they are not subject to any Kirchensteuer. Any further discussion has involved places where to conveniently spend the holidays, bars and clubs, with a focus on the quality of drinks and women attending the joints. Truly essential are just the daily rates reachable in well renowned financial centres all around the world. As during the Middle Ages, theology, or divinity, is indeed confined within the Universities, while all around the human kind more naturally strives for prosperity. 

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