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by L. Borgiani

"In my selfportraits light becomes an extension of the body, its imaginary elongation. The power of the illumined naked body represents the salvation of the soul. Light is seen as the revolutionizing of ideas and thought. The world is changing, and for the worse; so I decided to offer my own body for the return of the light. I cast light beams where darkness has blotted out form. I recreate space and redevelop thought through new plays of light. Light becomes an extension of the body, its imaginary elongation".


"Nei miei ultimi autoritratti la luce diventa un'estensione del corpo, una protesi immaginaria. La potenza del corpo nudo illuminato rappresenta la salvezza dell'anima. La luce ha una valenza simbolica, rappresenta una forza positiva e purificatrice. La luce è vista come rivoluzione delle idee e del pensiero. Il mondo sta cambiando e sta cambiando in peggio; così ho deciso di offrire il mio corpo per il ritorno della luce. Proietto fasci di luce dove il buoio ha cancellato la forma, ricreo lo spazio e rielaboro il pensiero con nuovi giochi di luce".

More info: www.lisaborgiani.com



Born in Verona in 1979, I moved to Ireland at twenty where I began to develop my passion for landascape photography. I returned to Italy after two years and specialized in black and white photography.
In 2006 I started my collaboration with the painter Massimo Nidini blending the two media and creating our photopaintings works. We have exhibited our works in various italian and international galleries.
Our last project "Dreaming Crystals on Duisburg", created with Prof. Carlo Pelanda, have been selected by "The Third Eye" Commission to be exposed at the Unesco Zollverein Heritage Site in Essen, European Culture Capital 2010 for the Ruhr.
In May 2011 my partner Massimo Nidini dies. This marks the beginning of my new researches on the Light.

Here is a selection of some of the most interesting experimental light work.


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Savage Light

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