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By Carlo Vitali

Hints of historical ‘good sense’

A theory is presented of the energy revolution on mere terms of scientific good sense on the conceptual level leaving to successive paragraphs the duty to give a popularized illustration in more scientific terms.

On the level of scientific good sense, the notion of primary energy is referred to that generated by the stars that pervades the entire universe where we are dipped. It’s an energy that has granted for-free during the ages all those forms of energy stashes in matter produced starting from the fusion of matter of a growing atomic weight starting from the early lighter atoms (helium, hydrogen). Such transformation of primeval energy to build always more complex substances has taken place tank a slow, lengthy development of sub-atomic processes governed by the laws ofquantum physics. The primeval energy that allowed that first step of composing the physical reality that we may observe daily, was pure energy radiated by the stars that allowed to project in space fragments of heavy mattercreating the whole complex of celestial bodies on some of whose biological life could gradually be born in its always more complex forms (vegetal, animal, intelligent). That form of primeval energy is constantly renewed in the starsevery day, it is radiated everywhere and permits the conservation of all the forms of life in their constant evolution. It is continually available constantly for-free and composes the only source that permits the survival of the universe as we can perceive it until we’d be able living our biological life.

Man has built growingly sophisticated knowledge that allowed Humanity to conceive increasingly solid conceptual representations of the Laws (mathematical models) followed by Nature in implementing the energy to matter (or in different but equivalent forms of observable energy) transformation processes.

Man has gradually succeeded in converting his scientific knowledge (up to the present quantum-electro-magnetic relativistic theories) in ability to emulate Nature itself designing always more complex technologies that concur in the effort to master and address the evolution of Nature.

At first knowledge has allowed Man to employ part of the for-free energy in the space closest around him (wind mills, sailing, hydro turbines), later he succeeded to generate at will energy in space and time when he needed (starting from the less sophisticated engines: fire, vapor, internal combustion, chemical batteries, hydroelectricity,  nuclear fission).

They are primitive forms of energy extraction since they ransack Energy stockpiles that have been accumulated by primeval quantum processes in the most different forms (wood, coke, fissile materials).

Those Energy production engines are therefore sort of ransacking in fast times of precious stockpiles that have required geological periods to accumulate. Ransacking processes that do not allow to reinstate them in comparable times and that are therefore doomed to extinguish in times incomparably shorter as compared to what could be reinstated by the natural processes. All this is due to our inadequate level of theoretical knowledge on the natural lawsgoverning emission and conversion of the primeval energy (for-free available) that the stars are constantly renovating pervading the entire space where we are dipped. As well as we succeeded in extracting from space the most primitive types of gratuitous energy (starting with the windmills up to the solar panels and the heat pumps and, finally, with photovoltaic panels), we could succeed too in extracting for-free from space other forms of energy (as the electromagnetic) that exist in wider amounts than the historically known ones as mentioned above.

Nihil obstat at Man could capture for-free electro-magnetic energy radiated directly in space tank to types of machines equipped by special types of antennas (or current sockets) that on the theoretical level the present scientific knowledge is already suggest as possible. It’s a true energy revolution since it would tap in any location and in any desired time, energy available and constantly renewed in such huge quantities to ridicule any possible consume demand imposed by the demands of industrial growth; additionally without perturbing by any means the natural equilibrium since it wouldn’t produce additional amounts of heat in the biosphere from which Man depends in a vital mood locally on Earth.

By Carlo Vitali