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By Carlo Vitali

Liberal-Democracy requires ‘responsible’ individuals able to legitimate a Government of the People, by the People, for the People as stated by the American Revolution in 1776 where the State is just a temporary staff of consultants needed to integrate the legislative, jurisdictional and executive decisions a support that the ‘civil society’’ (Main Street) can best supply in a free-market ‘competition rather than a State of permanent bureaucrats likely to gradually expropriate the sovereignty of the electorate (the People) and of its elected representatives (the Institutional Powers) shifting it to the Lobbies of the economical and political oligarchies (Wall Street)! This process of recovery of sovereignty can only happen if the scientist-positivist paradigm imposed in 1789 by the illiberal and atheist French Revolution (source of the bloodiest politically-correct ‘ethical revolutions’ of 1800 and 1900) will be replaced with the traditional humanist-renaissance!

The liberal-democratic paradigm is imposing instead the firm People’s ‘sovereignty’ to choose and legitimate in an individually responsible way; i.e. in the criterion of equal value of every citizen “one man, one vote” and “no free lunch to anybody”! Somebody has to ‘voluntarily’ accept to bear the cost of any ‘gratuity’ freely granted to a fellow-citizen – name and last-name both of who accepts to bear the cost of solidarity and who receives the gratuity’s benefit (the compassionate conservatism)!

It’s a gradual and slow process of e-ducation of every citizen to observe duly the founding criteria of ‘charitable solidarity’ – therefore a ‘meritorious’ one – rather than commit to an institution lacking of ‘individual responsibility’ (as the bureaucratic-permanent State) to decide the costs of ‘irresponsible’ do-gooder-solidarity inspired by unsustainable demagogy solicited by the lobbies and funded through taxes imposed to a Main Street expropriated by sovereignty and compelled to fiscal evasion (as used to be at Ancien Regime times of George III).

Re-establish a unitary (holist) Science of the humanist-renaissance tradition that characterized the ‘Western’ civilization up to the fracture of ‘Enlightenment’ produced by the atheist-positivist scientism may be a way to restitute a liberal-democratic governance! The recent scientific progress has opened the doors to a recovery of the traditional spirit of the ‘Western’ civilization; Quantum Physics, Thermodynamics of the complex systems, mathematical logics, epistemology of science, the intrusion of psychology in the traditional disciplines (management, communications, economics, politics, etc.) suggest to reappraise the partitioning of scientific disciplines into ‘exact sciences’ and ‘human sciences’ that led in practice to exclude the non-positivist-materialist disciplines the dignity of ‘science’; psychology is the most recent human science that has spontaneously established its hegemony upon the old exact-disciplines. The first consequence of that hegemony has been a reappraisal of many traditional disciplines (psycho-somatic medicine, homeopathy, psycho-economy, pedagogy, didactics) and  the social recovery of patients hit by inadequate steps of developmental-age e-ducation history in building their personality; psychotherapy!

Since its origins psychotherapy has proven being an e-ducational process traveled by the patient thanks adequate stimuli of his therapeutic; a modern version of Socrates heuristic model.

The ‘disciple’ (client-patient) is aided to ‘extract’ from his psyche the unexploited capacity to give a ‘solution’ to the unresolved conflicts that his psyche has built in the course of the various developmental phases of his history of personality growth.

Psychotherapy is a true ‘science’ in the humanist and epistemological most modern under-standing (Popper); i.e. the ”Art” of Maieutics that characterized, prior to the scientist-positivist dictatorship of 1800, all the ‘metaphysical’ sciences.

As well as homeopathic medicine with PNEI, also psychotherapy aims to ‘resolve’ the individual problems of ‘disease’ helping the disciples (clients-patients) to re-establish an autonomous capacity of granting homeostasis to their system each time it gets destabilized by causes of malfunction removable by their psychic or auto-immunological system. With no intervention of Thaumaturgists or “magic philters” external to the innate personal capacity of the patient; in the spirit of Hippocrates or Chinese humanist medicine.

Original Psychoanalysis has been a theoretical structure built by Freud to lay the base of this new human science by collecting symptoms and by describing in a systemic way their impacts and the related geneses of the “normal” set-up of the human psyche; this served both to guide types of guided-evaluation of the main diseases (psycho-therapy schools) and to verify on the experimental level the adequacy of the theoretical conjectures.

In later phases in order to grant efficiency and effectiveness to the delivery of assistance to the patients the ”Psychotherapic Art” was developed in a full analogy with what inspired every “School of Arts” since the origins of the Liberal Professions.

As happened in any liberal-professional activity, therapeutics progresses tank to (private) Schools that tailored working tools fitting each School-Master who could transmit to his Disciples the criteria and methods of application. These Schools transfer to Apprentices and scholars the ‘art secrets’ that every therapist shall adapt both to fit his specific human and characterial profile and the specific human profiles that he meets in his professional history.

The tools - whose shaping has challenged the psychic and intellectual resources of every School-Master and his apprentices in compliance with the scientific principles of psychoanalysis – try to facilitate overcoming the ‘resistance’ opposed by the client-patient to his therapist during the psychotherapy process.

Those ‘resistances’ impose the therapist to structure relational ‘tricks’ adequate to specific mal-functions hitting the patient during the phase of developmental age as identified by the patient during the guided-revision.

Those ‘tricks’ are constantly growing in number and perfection and each therapist can finally dispose of to implement his own professional style tailored to his sensitiveness and individual gifts to relate with his patients. Every professional shall “learn” the tricks implemented by the different School of Art and compose his own endowment of technical know-how allowing him to create and deliver effective Maieutic assistance to each individual client-patient; each being an “individual case” both from the patient and the therapist point of view. This new scientific discipline fits the traditional style of humanist-renaissance scientific tradition; prior to the materialist-positivist fracture established by the French Revolution.

Within the strict medical domain inaugurated by Freud, Psychology has pervaded many other scientific disciplines flattened hitherto upon ‘reductionist’ schemes of ‘800’s scientist-positivism enriching them.

From sociology to economy to corporate management to marketing to politics, everywhere complex systems are studied Psychology has proven essential to understand their dynamics; and to learn with Ilya Prigogine the intrinsic impossibility to gain their forecast of a prescriptive character.

Jung has been the innovator of Psychology since the initial phase he tried to evidence in any sector of the human sciences the characteristic traces of human psyche at its different levels of expression.

Jung is yet to fully discover ........... one time psychologists were male and ............. even worse ............... positivist physicians! Gradually women have assumed a prevalence in the experimental application of the theoretical descriptions in the service of human beings; taking hegemony thereby of the applicative domain of psychology and promoting its ‘technological’ use! This process could conduce to humanizing many relational practices in family, on the job, in the free time and in the health care industry sector. The diffuse expectation of a higher humanization is present in any organizational sector due to the fracture of traditional Science generated by the materialist-positivism that resulted in the elimination from any practical applications of knowledge the metaphysical aspects that characterize the individual perceptions, expectations and the innovative creativeness.

Jung opened psychology to the study of social and spiritual realms establishing connections (esoterical since suggestive conjectures non structured as the elementary and exemplifying game of Es-Ego-Super-Ego) between depth-psychology (the internal microcosm that contains at the unconscious level every aspect existing in the external macrocosm – the alchemists “all that is lower is upper, all that is external is internal”) and the collective unconscious (mediated by cultural-anthropology on the scientific level) and between the cultural aspects of cultural-anthropology with the aspects of psyche related to spirituality (allowing to establish relations between Mites – built and transmitted by Mind - and Symbols - ingrained and perceived on individual base and allowing every human being to "project" and communicate in the environment his artistic, philosophical, scientific and metaphysical insights and suggestions). Symbols are universal they exist in the cosmos, in animated matter at every level of complexity and in the unanimated matter that is energetically connected to the human mind! (“to move mountains with the faith” is possible - for the "initiates")!

Jung extends the study-field of Psychology to metaphysical disciplines studying the most esoteric types of the human cultural expressions. From economy, to anthropology, to religion, to litterary mitology, to the most ancient esoteric beliefs such as astrology, alchemy, kabbalah or chinese medicin. Jung extension of the scientific studies to all cultural expressions of Human Beings imply the humanist reassertion of science as the expression of human research trying to deliver a unitary harmony to the perceptions nourished by human beings upon the Natural Reality; intuitive perceptions through the personal charisms characterizing the ensemble of Soma, Mind and Spirit in every human being.

Jung is yet to fully discover. The old psychologists were male and .... even worse ..... positivist physicians! Psychology since Jung opens the road to scientific research transversally to both physical and metaphysical disciplines. Science gets rid of the ghetto of positivist materialism and re-establishes an equilibrium among the physical, intellectual and spiritual components of a culture fragmented by scientist positivism of the French Revolution.

The post-renaissance period has taken excellent care of the “mass literacy” .............. this can be taken due care even by State Schooling (as long as in an authoritarian approach)! What composes the jump in quality for a country isn’t the amount of “technicians" available to produce but a mass of individuals gifted by self-criticism and personal curiosity who compose the only prerequisites of a sustainable Liberal Democracy founded upon the individual responsibility to shape one’s own future without depending by external aids and on the mere base of offering one’s own skills to the existing ‘demand’ willing to engage them by personal negotiation of the fair salary in each time and location! This process of e-ducating everybody to seek personal autonomy shall be taken care of by "Masters" in every phase of the formal education (from primary, middle, college, university, PhD levels). This process shall hegemonize and ‘anticipate’ the delivery of technical contents through an action of emulation and stimulus associated by evaluations of excellence of exclusive responsibility of each Master on his Disciples and on his, equally free, choice of the "educational" methods! This can only be done by a Private School not submitted to programs and standard evaluations imposed by the State Bureaucracy! A sort of "proletarianization" of the e-ducators and an irresistible "temptation" for Party or Trade Unions’ Demagogues to ‘indoctrinate’ the People!

The very Phylosophers have forgotten that Mathematics is eminently an abstract and logical Reasoning Method upon abstract concepts that “sometimes” could result useful too to Great "technical specialists" (technocratic-engineers) to check the adequacy of their logical constructs (thanks to the Metrics of Leibnitz-Newton’s Infinitesimal Calculus or the Metrics of Quaternions of Faraday-Maxwell’s Electro-magnetic Field Theory or the Metrics of Tensors of Einstein’s General Relativity Theory) by means of the supplied capacity to measure the dimensional congruity of their proposed abstract Physical Theory to represent Nature’s events! Until Mathematics has anticipated autonomously the Physical Sciences Physicists have largely benefited of those theoretical abstract constructs to 'quantify' metrically their theoretical conjectures! Today Mathematics has been reduced to a mere technological tool and Physicists lack of new metrical tools to test falsifying the most "poetical" (fictional) conjectures related to the “reality” of time-space and its contortions under the action of "Energy Fields"! Multiverse lacks of adequate Mathematical Theories (Symmetry Groups) because Mathematics isn’t any longer considered a branch of Phylosophy (as well as Physics itself egemonized by eminent "technical specialists" receiving Nobel Awards ad as well as Pedagogy crowded by "technical specialists" seeking the "measurement" of human performance, intelligence, impairments, etc. rather than understanding the "Individual" needs and learning potential peculiar of diverse disciples often lacking just of appropriate heuristic stimuli rather than of "grains of erudition" to assume personally the responsibility of their self-education thanks to stimulative and severe monitoring Masters! Today we lack of Phylosophers (of Masters) while we have an overflow of "technical specialists" (of professors equipped by formal knowledge though incapable to stimulate curiosity in their Disciples)! Everyone reminds the few Masters in Mathematics holding stimulative Lesson on "Numbers"! Everyone recalls as well the highly stimulative lessons of Physics by Richard Feynman! Everyone has forgotten the boring but highly complex lessons of the many “professors” ........... we need injecting higher doses of humanist culture in order to build excellent Mathematicians!

Nobody despises good farmers who work without privileges, exposed to competitive risks and risking too the precarious ups and downs of Nature and Commodities and supply our daily desk with products of an average quality! Anyway we are aware that today they are in Italy just 900.000 and shall get support by circa 700.000 immigrant workers more or less illigal, lousy rewarded, worse hosted and often lacking any of the privileges enjoyed instead by the Italian 600.000 State Teachers and the 1.200.000 employees in the Education State industry-sector. True politically most attractive Caste free of any sort of competitive risk in a market of State Monopoly! Reducing Teachers to the amount of 400.000 selecting the best and better rewarded BUT evaluated under the risk to lose their job, the remaining could be employed in the rural industry sector reducing the number of slave-immigrants improving the agricultural production level more human, gratifying and ecologically qualified, maintaining their welfare coverage at the present levels! We know that the two selected professions have equal dignity BUT the damages caused by an ineffective farmer are daily controlled and under his strict risk and endanger WHILE the damages caused by ineffective teachers reflect in uncontrollable ways upon the new generations damaging the whole society!

Just for the sake of smiling we mention three FACTS: 1) once a well different and sustainable ratio existed between the number of students and teachers and education was BETTER! 2) none can grant 'jobs' steadily in the same discipline originally selected for one’s own professional education due to the fast rate of obsolescence of the professional know how! 3) for the same reason education CANNOT aim to 'ensure a job' within a STATE designed 'industrial planning' (the least adequate institution to perform that task) and additionally since funded upon taxpayers’ coverage (aimed therefore TENDENTIALLY to 'conserve' validity to the designed 'planning')!

As any other Free Professional also the Teachers should be held responsible, selected by competitive excellence, rewarded according by value, fired when found obsolete and should perform their ‘mission’ of Educators NOT a mere ‘task’ as instructors of jobs who they cannot know better than known to the man-power itself devoted to the production processes in companies in a constant evolutionary transformation!

As do the accountants, psychotherapists, surgeons, dentists, fiscal specialists, plumbers, electricians and any Professional who is earning "competitively" on the free market (NOT as 'employees') their daily bread 2) if they would selected according to 'value' we wouldn’t have any School Problem (as well as we wouldn’t have any Welfare State Problem 3) and 4) work contracts linked to the 'popularity' of each individual School 5) one becomes 'obsolete' in relations to WHAT he pretends to teach (teaching my son or grandson informatics by an engineer graduated three years ago is silly, to teach History of Mathematics instead never get obsolete 6) teaching isn’t equal to vocational education it should educate to reach autonomy of thought, research curiosity, etc. Its 'measure of value’ isn’t established upon the teachers BUT on the progress reached by their Pupils. Vocational Education is a simple wage-earned Job instructing to perform a duty, E-Ducation is a MISSION starting in the family 7) the Social State Politics (Free School to anybody - like Free Health Care to anybody) turns schools and hospitals into diploma mills of proletarian and obsolete manpower!

By Carlo Vitali